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Nancy Pellegrini is a Beijing-based author, journalist and photographer. Since 2006, she has worked as the Fine Arts editor for Time Out Beijing, specializing in Asian theater and music. Her articles have appeared in numerous international publications.
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"A Monolinguist Abroad." Traveler's Tales: China, July 2004, p. 10.

Traveler's Tales: ChinaA description of the overwhelming darkness and misery of learning Chinese in general, her Chinese class in particular, and the all-consuming horror of a using a Chinese dictionary was selected from her essay "A Monolinguist Abroad" (InsideOut Travel, Jan 2005), and published as a one-hundred word sidebar in the 2004 Traveler's Tales China: Anthology.

Through Western Eyes: Korea - Whittier Publishing, NY 1998. First and Second Editions. 346 pp.

Through Western Eyes Book CoverSandwiched between its more visible neighbors, South Korea, or "The Land of the Morning Calm," often seems like the forgotten land of northeast Asia. But "calm" waters run deep; traditions long ago discarded by other parts of Asia as old fashioned or politically incorrect continue to play an important part in the lives of even educated urban dwellers. Korean women still have Caesarian sections to ensure that each baby is born on an astrologically auspicious day. Professional matchmakers still cold-call wealthy daughters. And families still pay extortionate dowries to secure a good match.

After two years and countless interviews while living in Seoul, Korea, Nancy Pellegrini has created a cultural guide for visitors, travelers or long-term residents. Writing from her Western perspective, she covers the challenges of living in Seoul: shopping, doing business, handling transportation and surviving the crowds. She delves into the rich and complex traditions of Korean society, including the rituals concerning baby names, birthdays, marriage, and conceiving the all-important boy. And she includes just enough history - the Korean War, the Japanese occupation, the Kwangju Massacre - for context. Pellegrini explains these and other traditions, which illuminate this fascinating land and its proud people.

Endorsements for Through Western Eyes: Korea

"Nancy Pellegrini offers indispensable pointers for Americans negotiating the cultural minefield of setting up shop and home in Korea. She parlays her own experiences into a fascinating portrait of one culture seen through the eyes of another, chockfull of cautionary tales and useful advice. A must-read on the long flight to Seoul."

Tony Karon, TIME Daily

"Ms. Pellegrini's book is based on her own experience in Korea, as well as her research into the history and culture, and like the aptly-named title, looks at Korea through Western eyes-keen ones, I might add. Highly recommendable!"

Dr. Choi Sung-Chul, Professor, Department of Politics and Diplomacy
Hanyang University/Secretary General, International Human Rights League of Korea

"This book shows the author's clear understanding of the Korean culture from an American perspective. Ms. Pellegrini's insight into the Korean way of life demonstrates her love and appreciation of the Korean people, and should be read by anyone wishing to learn more about this amazing culture. Reading this book has been an excellent learning experience for my Sociology students."

Professor Christine Lovizio, SUNY Farmingdale Department of Sociology and Anthropology